Star Trek Names

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It’s not unusual to look up into the sky for inspiration when it comes to searching for the perfect name. After all, many parents feel babies are heaven-sent. From Sunny, Moon and Star to Angel, Celestial and Zenith, what’s above … Continued

The Americans / The Catch

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The Americans (FX) and The Catch (ABC) have both violated character naming rule #1 – Make the Name Age Appropriate. In the FX period series The Americans, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings have two kids, a boy named Henry and a … Continued

Names from SUITS

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I’m a huge fan of the show, huge fan. And because I’m a name-o-phile, the unusual character naming convention on SUITS (USA Network) did not elude me. As a lay person, you may or may not have noticed the major … Continued

True Detective Names

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We’re one episode away from the conclusion of TRUE DETECTIVE, a new HBO miniseries written and directed by Nic Pizzolatto, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. After reading some recaps of last night’s episode, I was suddenly aware and impressed … Continued

Game of Thrones Names

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George R.R. Martin has succeeded in creating some of the best fantasy names in literature. There are currently 2,054 named characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire, series — the books on which the HBO television series Game of Thrones … Continued